This magnificent health massage is for prevention of diseases, increasing working efficiency, eliminating muscle and joint pain and edema, as well as regulating the nervous system.

Classic massage – 60 minutes, price- 15.000 AMD

Partial – 20-30 minutes, price- 10.000 AMD

SPA massage (heat therapy or dry warming)-75 minutes, price-15.000 AMD

Chinese massage: Anmo

This is a traditional part of Chinese medicine. It affects the active points of the body using the hands (fingers, wrist, elbow…) or appropriate devices (balls, massage vacuum device, gouache…). Anmo is a bioenergetic massage improving all components of health.

Chinese Anmo massage - 90 minutes, price – 18.000 AMD

(Acupressure massage)

Partial – 65 minutes, price – 15.000 AMD


This is a Japanese massage (“shi” means fingers, and “atsu” means pressure), through which the body’s regulatory processes are adjusted, improving overall health.

Japanese Shiatsu massage – 60-70 minutes, price – 20.000 AMD


This a traditional Chinese massage, which literally means “goua” to scrape or clean, and “che” bad, inferior things. The massage is conducted with the horns of deer or rams. By affecting relevant parts and points of the body, head and face it is possible to achieve apparent results.

Chinese Gouche massage – 30 minutes, price – 10.000 AMD

(Activation of blood circulation, rejuvenation)

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