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“Yearning conversation with myself…” Helen Azaryan’s interview published in “With and without a tie” magazine

The interview of Founding Director and Head Physician of “Helios” Medical Center Helen Azaryan headlined “Yearning conversation with myself…” has been published in “With and without a tie” magazine specialized in interviews touching business and private issues of the heads of leading medical institutions of Armenia.

“She thought she was a soldier in her previous life. A soldier who even in case of kneeling down would immediately stand up, remove the dust from clothes and continue his path”. Speaking about stories Helen Azaryan remembers a story about a sick girl and the sun. The girl lived in darkness, in a basement. The doctor visits her and without long consideration scribbles a prescription. “She needs sun…”

“Helen Azaryan bears this story coming from her childhood and assures that a drop of sun and a handful of warmth are the guarantee of beautiful and healthy life”. This is how the preamble of Helen Azaryan’s interview starts.