Trichology is a branch of dermatology that deals with the pathology of the scalp and hair, and includes:

  1. Hair loss
  2. Inflammation of the scalp (e.g. oily scalp, redness, scaling/dandruff)
  3. Disruption of hair nutrition that may lead to brittle and splitting hair

These problems are diagnosed using the latest equipment. An examination using a trichoscope reveals the causes of hair growth disorders and scalp diseases.

Modern trichology therapies provide quick results and depend on the results of trichoscopic examination.

We believe our patients deserve optimally healthy, beautiful, smooth, and shiny hair at affordable prices. We offer special packages:

  1. Nutritive package:
    Laser comb + mesotherapy (4 sessions; total cost 50,000 drams)
  2. Combination package (preventative + nutritive):
    Laser comb + mesotherapy/plasmotherapy (5 sessions; total cost 90,000 drams)
  3. Scalp Peeling TTG (4 sessions; total cost 50,000 drams)
  4. Scalp peeling TTG + US therapy (4 sessions; total cost 70,000 drams)
  5. Scalp US peeling with 0.2% solution of hexiloc (4 sessions; total cost 20,000 drams)
  6. Mesotherapy with Inno products (4 sessions; total cost 65,000 drams)
  7. Mesotherapy with Dermaheal HL (4 sessions; total cost 50,000 drams)
  8. Plasmotherapy package (5 sessions; total cost 100,000 drams)