Manicure and Pedicure

“Helios” Medical Center offers a broad range of aesthetic and therapeutic services of manicure and pedicure. Products of the American prestigious JESSICA brand are used for professional nail care and Gel Therapy.

The Jessica brand offers numerous nail care products for intensive moisturizing, preserving manicures for over two weeks, strengthening nails and increasing their elasticity, providing natural protection, quick-drying, putting an end to the bad, and sometimes painful habit of nail biting, and above all, giving nails a beautiful look.

We offer GELeration manicure and pedicure. Here the nails are covered with non-removable gel-lacquer dried under ultraviolet light.

Our customers can purchase all the products of the Jessica brand at the center, since “Helios” is the official representative of Jessica in Armenia.

“Helios” also offers one of the most effective and innovative measures of solving the problems with ingrown nails. This is done through a non-surgical method, while preserving the nail. Fraser braces are used for treating the ingrown nails. The brace is a medical steel-wire with hook levers. After the brace is installed on the ingrown nail, the deformed nail changes its shape, the correct growth is regulated and the physiological form is restored. This kind of interference is very effective, the process is almost painless, while the pain in the affected area stops immediately after installing the brace.

“Helios” Medical Center offers hardware pedicure which gives the nails the correct physiological shape for avoiding ingrowing of nails. File and chisel are used for classical aesthetic pedicures. With the application of superb emollient and nourishing preparations, SPA pedicure contributes to aesthetic foot and nail care.

“Helios” offers removal of calluses in different parts of the foot. This is a painless and non-surgical procedure.
Laser processing of a wart dissolves the wart and disrupts its nutrition. The service is provided by sterilized tools for single use.

Sterility is of utmost importance at the center. All the tools are sterilized in line with international standards. The sterilized tools are opened in the presence of the customers. The single-use files are presented to the customer after the procedure.

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